Top 10 Lean Manufacturing Consulting/Service Companies - 2020
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Top 10 Lean Manufacturing Consulting/Service Companies - 2020

The operating environment of manufacturers is rapidly evolving, transforming their manufacturing models. In their quest to maximize productivity and enhance efficiency, more manufacturers are migrating toward lean manufacturing practices. Pioneered by the Japanese Manufacturing company, Toyota, lean manufacturing emphasizes on “just-in-time” manufacturing, where inventory is kept at low “as-needed” levels; automation supervised by human workers is encouraged to maintain quality control; and focus is on minimization of downtime and transportation. In a nutshell, these methods are all about eliminating processes which do not add value, and delivering the best possible product to the customer as quickly and with as few barriers as possible.

As manufacturing processes are streamlined using lean manufacturing practices, organizations can better respond to fluctuations in demand and other market variables, resulting in fewer delays and better lead times. Besides, reduced waste and better workflow management improve sustainability, making for an organization that is better equipped to thrive well into the future. And ultimately, it enhances employee and customer satisfaction, which leads to a more profitable organization.

Several consulting and services companies are coming to the fore with several innovative technological capabilities and services to help manufacturing companies improve growth prospects, drive productivity, and efficiency by adopting lean manufacturing processes. They enable manufacturers to create continuous improvement momentum, drive innovation, and deliver sustainable prosperity to increase customer value. These companies also offer process-driven best practices for better materials management and predictive maintenance services.

With deep industry expertise in lean manufacturing, we have compiled a list of consulting/services companies that are transforming lean manufacturing for organizations.

We Present you Manufacturing Technology Insights’ “Top 10 Lean Manufacturing Consulting/Service Companies - 2020.”

    Top Lean Manufacturing Consulting/Service Companies

  • Business Engineering Consortium works with organizations as an extended partner, assessing and reviewing their business model and developing customized bullet-proof plans for long-term growth and success. The firm seeks to optimize the entire organization and help take their existing business to the next level with its holistic services; they work with clients more as coaches as opposed to consultants. Today, businesses spanning multiple industries realize significant benefits from the collaboration with Business Engineering Consortium. Business Engineering Consortium offers coaching programs to help individuals grow into their strengths and leverage their talents while minimizing the negative aspects of their personality. The firm also has a strong emphasis on 5S and lean concepts

  • Lean-Quest, LLC. proven leaders in integrating lean supply chains for more than 20 years.

  • Performance Solutions is a consulting division within Milliken and Company that helps businesses achieve and sustain operational excellence. What gives the firm an edge over the competition is its unique engagement model, "teach-coach-mentor," a six-step approach based on knowledge transfer that facilitates clients' operational excellence journey. Performance Solutions’ data-driven decision-making capability to identify the right process improvement strategies for clients makes it unique in the market. Unlike its competitors who identify solutions based on assumptions, the firm uses a zero-loss thinking mindset to provide the best process improvement experience to clients.

  • Enables manufacturing companies and service providers to get better every day through lean manufacturing practices

  • On Time Edge

    On Time Edge

    On-Time Edge is a team of experts in manufacturing that is designed to help complex manufacturers unlock and achieve more tangible financial results through advanced planning & scheduling and the Theory of Constraints. Based in Denver, Colorado and founded in 2004 by Michel Babineau, On-Time Edge has consultants across the globe that work with you as OTD Coaches, or your outsourced office of continuous improvement.

  • FTE Performance Consulting

    FTE Performance Consulting

    FTE Performance is a management consulting firm that was founded in 2013. We help our clients achieve optimal business performance through a strong and reliable integrated business approach that breathes new life into organizations. The larger your organization gets, the more operations and procedures there are to scale and keep up with, which is why we have dedicated industry experts to help keep your throughput up. As specialists in LEAN manufacturing and business culture transformations, as well as industry leaders in business systems development and implementation, FTE is committed to exceeding standards and raising the competitive bar across every industry.



    MIPRO is an international management consulting firm focused on helping companies and leaders around the world create continuous improvement momentum, drive innovation, and deliver meaningful impact to increase customer value.

  • Miracle Consulting Solutions

    Miracle Consulting Solutions

    Miracle Consulting Solutions was founded with the goal of providing high quality consulting services to small and medium sized companies. Our primary objective in our consulting engagement is to improve our client’s profitability by increasing productivity, improving quality and competitiveness and reducing cost. Miracle Consulting Solutions will improve the profitability of its clients by over $21 million this year. These clients include leading companies in the retail, manufacturing, wholesale, distribution and dairy industries. Our success in helping our clients achieve superior levels of performance and profitability is rooted in our high degree of experience and our approach to business and manufacturing consulting. Our in-depth knowledge of our client’s industry allows us to very quickly identify opportunities for improvement and to act on them. One of the most important elements in our approach to consulting is our commitment to implementing our recommendations jointly with our client. This collaborative effort with our clients insures that opportunities for improvement will be realized short term and sustained in the long term. We are changing the world one company at a time!!

  • Symbios Consulting

    Symbios Consulting

    Symbios Consulting is a leader in Operational Excellence field. We are Lean Six Sigma and Suply Chain deployment leader in Egypt and Middle East. We have deployed Lean, Six Sigma, and Lean Supply Chain at more than 130 clients in Egypt, Saudi, Algeria, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain and UAE. Return on investment and savings for our clients ranged from 1:2 up to 1:30. We are proud that we have more than 75% repeat business with our customers. Number of Black belt trainees 221, number of Green Belt trainees 870, 260 Supply Chain management and forecasting, more than 300 delegates on SPC and quality tools and more than 1000 delegate on lean tools and Kaizen

  • The Guthrie Group

    The Guthrie Group

    At The Guthrie Group, we aim to improve your company’s profitability by engaging the intellect of your employees. We are experts in the reduction of time and defects in any process and offer exclusive and patented approaches. We can take your Lean Six Sigma journey from beginning to end or help you with a specific challenge.