Top 10 Lean Manufacturing Consulting/Service Companies - 2019
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Top 10 Lean Manufacturing Consulting/Service Companies - 2019

The evolving priorities in the market space are impacting the manufacturing models of organizations in the industry. As manufacturers face the challenges of the changing digital economy and shifting customer preferences, lean manufacturing practices are helping them navigate the volatile landscape. The main objective of adopting lean manufacturing is to facilitate effective waste reduction and quality enhancement capabilities.

With a deep understanding of lean technologies, Manufacturing Technology Insights has compiled a list of top 10 lean manufacturing solution providers and services companies that are identifying missed revenue opportunities and helping their clients improve growth prospects. With several innovative technological capabilities and services, these companies are constantly proving their mettle in the field of lean manufacturing. We hope this edition of Manufacturing Technology Insights helps you build partnerships that you and your firm require to foster a new and advanced approach that motivates manufacturing professionals to better drive productivity and efficiency throughout the industry.

We present to you Manufacturing Technology Insights, “Top 10 Lean Manufacturing Consulting/Service Companies – 2019.”

    Top Lean Manufacturing Consulting/Service Companies

  • FTE Performance is a management consulting firm that helps clients achieve optimal business performance through a strong and reliable integrated business approach to lean implementation. FTE recognizes the interdependent nature of operational performance, which reinforces its mission to involve all employees in the lean transformation process rather than having it forced on them. The company starts every transformation with a three-part assessment that seeks to understand an organization’s culture, lean maturity, and its use of fundamental business systems. FTE Performance is headquartered at Troy, Michigan

  • MIPRO is an international management consulting firm focused on helping companies and leaders around the world create continuous improvement momentum, drive innovation, and deliver sustainable prosperity to increase customer value. The company's coaching and training services are designed to build individual and organizational capabilities, from executives to individual contributors and is offered in multiple formats to make continuous improvement learning engaging, scalable, and easily integrated with existing methods and organizational culture

  • MXGlobal provides services to every type of business. The company's Support Services division has a team focused on core administrative offerings, which include accounting and payroll services. The Recruitment Division has a focused group of individuals who recognizes the market needs and guarantees a deep understanding of the client's needs. The service spectrum that MXGlobal suggests contains a very specialized Consulting Division. The Consulting Division provides a broader scope of consulting, implementation and execution capabilities. The team also has experience across many small businesses ' requirements, which includes start-ups, mature companies, cross-border, international operations, mergers, and acquisitions

  • SETECH offers dependability centered solutions, which boosts the availability of equipment through process-driven best practices in Indirect Materials Management and Predictive Maintenance services. The company's programs are managed by Certified Reliability Leaders that are entirely flexible and also can be configured to client requirements, scope, and scale from Consulting to fully Outsourced Solutions. SETECH'S Pure Integrator model for Indirect Materials Management and Reliability as a Service model truly support the best interests of the clients. The services of the companies are also focused on reliability, reducing expenditure, and optimizing assets to augment their client's profitability

  • C5MI


    A service company that is comprised of trusted business practitioners with in-depth knowledge and first-hand experience managing world-class business processes, and implementing cutting edge technology solutions for manufacturers and supply chains globally. The company identifies where an organization has gaps and create a specific plan on how to address those problems. The company tend to save the other organization’s money first by making their processes more efficient and effective, then they help to improve their business operations through investments in technology, further increasing efficiencies, always working alongside them throughout their journey

  • CMTC


    CMTC provides consulting services to the aerospace, automotive, defense, and distribution industries. The company’s mission is to create solutions for the improvement of customers'​performance by fostering innovation and sharing knowledge. The company is based in Torrance, California. It accomplishes this mission by offering services that include supply chain management, strategic planning, quality management, information technology (IT), energy management, human capital, and lean enterprise. CMTC offers manufacturing solutions for growth and profitability for all types and sizes of industries. CMTC's Defense Services includes the provision of parts for the sustainment, modernization, and upgrade of defense systems utilizing an integrated manufacturing network approach

  • HSM Packaging

    HSM Packaging

    HSM serves a vast array of customers by delivering innovative world-class products and services while preserving the integrity and fostering a teaming environment. A 75-year-old company remains family-owned and is comprised of 6 divisions; Hickory Springs Manufacturing, HS MetalWorks, HSM Transportation & Specialty Manufacturing, HSM Diversified Solutions, HS Logistics, and Atlanta Attachment Company. From decades of experience in foam, metal, wire, and converting to the latest integrated assemblies and systems, HSM is leading the way in creating solutions that give the valued customers a competitive advantage in the markets they serve

  • Implementation Engineers

    Implementation Engineers

    Implementation Engineers continues to lead the way in Performance Excellence. Implementation through innovative operational and organizational solutions for the clients in complex environments. At the core, the company is a data-driven, firm with a razor-sharp focus on enhancing Performance Excellence for clients. The industry-first approach gives a not only the knowledge to inform you of what needs to be done, but the power to implement those solutions for lasting impact. Of course, any strategic planning or operational initiative is only as proper as the people behind it. They employ only the best and brightest in the industry. Each of the Senior Operational Analysts brings years of experience, deep content expertise, and a dedication to getting results

  • Lauren Hisey Consulting

    Lauren Hisey Consulting

    Lauren Hisey Consulting helps businesses to enhance their revenue, increase customer satisfaction, and decrease costs by improving their business processes. The company serves almost all types of companies such as Small Size Business, Medium Size Business, and also Universities and Education Providers. The company owner is also a Lean Six Sigma as a Senior Black Belt, trainer, and coach, and it helps the companies to increase customer satisfaction, revenue, productivity, and savings. The company is also experienced in Process Improvement, running Kaizen events, teaching/coaching LSS, statistics, Product Development, and Process Mapping

  • SBTI


    SBTI is a global management consulting firm specializing in consultation and consumption of influential business and process improvement methodologies. The company delivers innovative and sustainable business process excellence solutions by systematically assessing a client's business. Through a process of developing future leaders with core competencies to drive superior top- and bottom-line results, the organization offer their clients with best-in-class results in revenue growth, cost reduction, new product development and process improvement. SBTI listens to their clients, understand their goals, or processes, and the design a deployment plan that addresses the needs of the clients'