MXGlobal: Maximizing Business Outcomes through Lean

MXGlobal: Maximizing Business Outcomes through Lean

Carlos Jimenez, CEO and President, MXGlobalCarlos Jimenez, CEO and President
With the promise to enable seamless workflow and continuous operations with minimal resources, lean has emerged as a philosophy that provides manufacturing companies a competitive advantage. Traditional manufacturers, however, find it daunting to adopt lean owing to their significant investment in legacy technology infrastructures and methodologies. They need a partner who can help them embrace lean strategy to perfection and drive substantial benefits. A seasoned manufacturing consulting firm and lean proponent, MXGlobal is helping manufacturing companies boost their productivity by synchronizing the aims and objectives of the diverse teams in an organization and enhancing quality management. MXGlobal brings to bear its rich expertise and the diverse skill set of its team in the areas of finance, accounting, management, operations, and manufacturing to improve the workflow and transparency. The company works in the trenches with its clients to build and maintain an optimum infrastructure and streamlined business processes, and recruit the right talent for smooth execution of the production.

A certified six sigma black belt firm, MXGlobal, keeps busy exploring areas where its clients can become more agile. The team interacts with managers at various hierarchical levels in the client location, educating them about the significance of lean. “Lean proposes a culture that allows companies to stay nimble, reduce expenses, increase revenue and bottom line by improving resource allocation,” says Michael Emmerichs, MXGlobal’s Sales Manager in Lean/Foundry Departments of the Manufacturing Division. “We conduct seminars and provide necessary documents to ensure that the mindset of all clients’ employees, across all the departments and divisions, is aligned with the lean strategy. In essence, we help employees realize the value of their contribution to their company’s productivity.”

The efficacy of MXGlobal’s services in lean implementation can be exemplified through a case study that involved a Japanese company which had a U.S. presence.

Michael Emmerichs, Sales Manager, Lean/ Foundry Departments, Manufacturing Division, MXGlobalMichael Emmerichs, Sales Manager, Lean/ Foundry Departments, Manufacturing Division
Language being the barrier for the smooth process execution, MXGlobal was quick to advise them to outsource the expensive administrative and engineering functions to Philippines. “We built an entire outsourcing company for them from scratch to hire more than 150 resources,” says Carlos Jimenez, President and CEO of MXGlobal. “By outsourcing those functions, the client saved $10 million in expenses, on a yearly basis.” In another instance, MXGlobal installed a min-max inventory pull system to make it possible for a steel company to better organize their inventories and reduce cost. MXGlobal’s success journey has helped the company to expand globally with offices in Philippines and take on board smart and talented individuals.

We conduct seminars and provide necessary documents to ensure that the mindset of all clients’ employees, across all the departments and divisions, is aligned with the lean strategy

Throughout the lean adoption journey, MXGlobal’s support team observes processes with an aim to assess and minimize waste generation and proactively engage with client’s employees to improve product quality. To help companies maintain the lean status, team MXGlobal either recruits people who can manage lean implementation or continues to extend its services even after delivering the project. Thanks to the extensive experience of team MXGlobal, companies can bolster their profit margins and enhance the end-customer experience by manufacturing high-quality products at lower costs, and at the same time reduce time-to-market.

A complete business support services provider, MXGlobal has been paving the way for its clients to climb to the top of the success ladder. Focused on extending its global footprint, the company is aiming to recruit more employees to maximize the quality of the lean manufacturing services it provides.