MIPRO LLC: A Seasoned Facilitator of Continuous Improvement

MIPRO LLC: A Seasoned Facilitator of Continuous Improvement

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Chris Vogel CEO, MIPRO LLCChris Vogel CEO
Today, the advent of new technology and lean manufacturing processes combined with a strengthening economy has rejuvenated the manufacturing industry. This approach is providing the foundation for operational excellence by standardizing processes, instilling a culture of continuous improvement, and empowering workers. Though manufacturers are leveraging lean principles and tools to reduce operational complexity and enhance productivity--many companies have found that lean tools on the shop floor by itself is not sufficient to address their operational challenges. To this end, MIPRO LLC, an international management-consulting firm, is focused on facilitating continuous improvement initiatives in companies to drive innovation, and deliver customer value by offering consultation services, training and workshops. “We help companies improve their operations and build long-term capabilities in order to continuously and sustainably enhance their productivity,” states CEO of MIPRO LLC, Chris Vogel.

“Companies in the initial stages of adopting the lean path, often struggle to incorporate continuous improvement initiatives (CI) into their operations because they lack a robust management system,” says Vogel. MIPRO LLC’s custom consulting offers clients the flexibility to design engagements to best serve their business needs. “Whether it’s a short-term engagement or an urgent need to set up a CI practice, our unique approach to planning, work prioritization, and initiative deployment is meeting enterprises where they are in the CI cycle,” explains Vogel. MIPRO LLC’s Customer Driven Value System™ (CDV System) is designed to enable smoother engagement and faster delivery of CI. Built on proven CI principles, CDV System allows the flexibility to integrate new initiatives into existing CI efforts as a multiplier to deliver results. The CDV System shows the different layers and components within a lean organization, from setting the right strategy to creating the focus on KPIs.

Often enterprises struggle to identify work priorities and undertake improvement efforts that yield limited outcome. MIPRO LLC provides a strategic planning workshop called the Vital Few™ on continuous improvement processes that enable companies to pinpoint and concentrate on objectives that create customer value and deliver significant impact.

What distinguishes MIPRO LLC from other competitors in the market is the company’s seasoned consultants with a minimum of 20 years of former P&L experience implementing lean operations. The company conducts a myriad of events/workshops that will apply to every unique individual use-case and enable clients to build CI capabilities within the staff members and the first line supervisors. “These events create a tighter focus on what they are asking their staff to improve on and create staff level linkage to the overall corporate objectives,” states Vogel. MIPRO LLC has worked with clients in a variety of industries, who were in different stages of transition in building their CI journey. To illustrate MIPRO LLC’s excellence in facilitating CI, Vogel narrates an incident where a large manufacturing client had approached them in a bid to standardize lean manufacturing methods into their processes. The client had already introduced the 5S tool into their operations, unfortunately in that process, not all of their team members were able to reap the benefits out of it. The staff failed to understand the concept of how 5S interacts and supports the building of CI. MIPRO LLC consultants helped re-energize the standardization efforts and building capabilities by assisting them to prioritize and identify the areas of improvements that give their customers a significant reward in the shortest period of time using the Vital Few process. In doing so, the client was able to institutionalize the lean management system and the interaction of the management team as it relates to their role in the continuous improvement efforts.

Moving forward, MIPRO LLC aims to help clients evolve and adopt innovative technologies, such as incorporating design thinking/journey mapping/ blue ocean techniques to enable them to identify and standardize customer value throughout their company aggressively. MIPRO LLC intends to strive in the continuous development of its strategic planning to be more responsive to the variation and ever-changing customer needs. “Building continuous improvement muscle with shortened cycles of implementation and moving away from old fashioned traditional project management will be a crucial capability to allow organizations to respond effectively to demanding customers,” concludes Vogel.

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MIPRO is an international management consulting firm focused on helping companies and leaders around the world create continuous improvement momentum, drive innovation, and deliver sustainable prosperity to increase customer value. The company's coaching and training services are designed to build individual and organizational capabilities, from executives to individual contributors and is offered in multiple formats to make continuous improvement learning engaging, scalable, and easily integrated with existing methods and organizational culture