eFlex Systems: Improving Manufacturing Productivity

eFlex Systems: Improving Manufacturing Productivity

Dan McKiernan, President, eFlex SystemsDan McKiernan, President
Lean Manufacturing principles anchor on customer value and continually seek to identify and eliminate non-value added activities in the production processes. “Our lean manufacturing tools and software assist firms to achieve the right balance of technology and lean manufacturing principles to meet challenging market demands,” says Dan McKiernan, President, eFlex Systems. The Michigan-based eFlex Systems masters the art of eliminating non-value activities and wastes such as overproduction, waiting time, transportation, inventory, motion, and others with the implementation of its lean manufacturing tools and software.

eFlex Systems software solutions offer a wide-ranging suite of products and solutions that help manufacturers reduce costs, improve quality and efficiency. One of the company’s product, eFlex Assembly—an assembly line planning and management software and hardware solution—focuses on improving quality and reducing waste. It does so by integrating equipment and manpower on the plant floor and removing the costs associated with inefficient production, poor quality and missed deliveries. The two important aspects of eFlex Assembly that make the job easier for users/operators by managing the instruction for a station or individual tasks are JEM (Job Element Monitoring) and JLM (Job Element Light). JEM works as a paperless job instruction, and as soon as tasks are enabled and completed, the system automatically moves to the proper image and instruction. For the indication of statuses of tasks—such as enabled, ok, rejected, not required, or bypassed— JEL screens react immediately.

Further, to add to the business improvement technique, eFlex’s manufacturing traceability and quality control software—eFlex Track & Trace solution—enables users to store, retrieve, and report part status in a manufacturing environment.

We possess the experience and expertise required to ensure the successful implementation of both manual and automated production optimization projects

Moreover, it ensures quality process management, plant floor production visibility for part status, thereby empower decision-makers with paper less tracking and archiving capabilities.

“Effective, efficient material handling is one of the foundations of any flexible production system, including lean manufacturing,” says McKiernan. To achieve it, the company offers eFlex Kitting solution that delivers the right part to assembly processes at the right time, encouraging continuous improvement in processes. Moreover, the company offers turn-key deliverables that include an eConfiguration tool for kitting and plug-n-play standardized hardware to be installed on either the customer’s rack design or our design. This provides for fast turnaround times and easy to use standardized kitting solutions.

“We possess the experience and expertise required to ensure the successful implementation of manual and automated production optimization projects, regardless of the scope or complexity,” says McKiernan. For an instance, Nissan had opened Infiniti Powertrain Plant where they embraced eFlex System’s Flexible Assembly Technology suite to allow their 4-cylinder engine line to easily rebalance, reconfigure and report on production status in real-time. Nissan team members did continuous monitoring and transparency of the production process for increased productivity. The lean manufacturing software helped them to easily reduce waste, improve quality, and quickly react to market and model mix changes.

With a proven track-record of innovative concepts, eFlex Systems offers customers the flexibility and efficiency to realize sustainable, best-in-class manufacturing. The company executes a true corporate manufacturing standard for a variety of production tasks, takes responsibility for product quality, and is encouraged to find ways to improve the production and manufacturing processes further.