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Top 10 Lean Manufacturing Solutions Companies – 2022

While it’s important for lean consultants to stay on top of current trends in lean manufacturing, it is difficult to keep up with advances in technology and new opportunities.

Most applications of lean thinking begin with an assumption that there is a theoretical “perfect state” for each organizational process and that the current state deviates from the perfect state due to inefficiencies and waste. The strength-based approach to lean has a different focus. Instead of focusing on what is not working and inefficient, it teaches how to identify what is already working efficiently and generates value in existing processes and systems (this is called “strength focus”).

As Lean transformations are truly cultural transformations, executives are matching their Lean process investments dollar-for-dollar with cultural investments designed to create an enterprise-wide Lean language driving predictable customer service performance and global focus on waste elimination. It will not be an easy task considering the IoT revolution is almost upon us, and even the best experts are unable to predict the impact fully.

Sustainability and manufacturing have not traditionally gone hand-in-hand. However, that’s starting to change. Manufacturing is starting to focus more on sustainability by creating more efficient factories that have lower levels of pollution. Green jobs will also be a focus in the industry over the next several years, as will creating more energy-efficient operations.

Even without explicitly targeting environmental results, lean efforts can yield sufficient environmental benefits. However, because environmental wastes and pollution are not the main focal points, these achievements may not be considered in the normal scheme of lean.

Lean manufacturing will not fade away in this fourth industrial revolution, quite the opposite. IoT supports lean processes, and it enables a truly lean enterprise by delivering better metrics to drive increased efficiency and productivity, tighter integration with key clients and suppliers, better coordination among divisions, and both, increased manufacturing safety and reduced downtime.

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    Top Lean Manufacturing Solutions Companies

  • FTE Performance is transforming the elearning space of lean manufacturing with its LMS—FTE Microlearning—centered around human behavioral science and adult learning best practices. FTE Performance is a consulting firm with vast expertise in providing a spectrum of services in the lean manufacturing domain, including lean business transformation, project management, and risk management.

  • NEXT LEVEL Partners helps organizations strategize operational planning, achieve value creation, accelerate business performance, and drive continuous growth by implementing its lean business system—a combination of strategy deployment and lean and growth tools.

  • AutoLean


    AutoLean combines automation software and lean manufacturing to provide sustainable and cost effective solutions for all of its client’s manufacturing needs. Unique and customizable mobile applications can be a reality throughout client’s entire organization. From energy reduction, operator engagement, to machine & app design, AutoLean can create a strategic business plan to bring the most value out of manufacturing business

  • AVEVA Group

    AVEVA Group

    AVEVA is a global leader in industrial software, sparking ingenuity to drive responsible use of the world’s resources. The company’s secure industrial cloud platform and applications enable businesses to harness the power of their information and improve collaboration with customers, suppliers and partners. Over 20,000 enterprises in over 100 countries rely on AVEVA to help them deliver life’s essentials: safe and reliable energy, food, medicines, infrastructure and more


    Click Funnels gives Client’s The Tools And Strategies they need In One Convenient Spot. It generate New LEADS That Can Connect With... Create simple funnels that quickly capture your visitors’ contact information. It creates beautiful pages and funnels that are pre-designed to walk your traffic through each step of the sales process, and convert them from “visitors” into actual paying customers who benefit from products

  • i nexus

    i nexus

    i-nexus is the leading provider of strategy execution solutions, helping global organizations to turn their strategy into operational reality. Global leaders turn to i-nexus to translate strategy into goals and goals into action while continuously measuring and refining both their performance in execution and also business outcomes as goals are met. This real time feedback loop enables adjustments to strategy as market conditions shift, opportunities arise or priorities change

  • Lean Sigma Pros

    Lean Sigma Pros

    Lean Sigma Pros is a management consultancy that provides full solution process improvement: Consulting, Recruiting and Staffing. Their solutions transition with clients, depending on Client’s needs, at every phase of client’s Lean Six Sigma improvement progress

  • Performance Solutions By Milliken

    Performance Solutions By Milliken

    Milliken provides the tools clients need to imagine world-changing solutions and then realize their vision. We focus on insights and innovation to develop everything from new molecules to new products that protect first responders, help wounds heal faster, protect our food, and make environments healthier.Milliken makes products that make people’s lives better.

  • rever


    Rever Digitizes, Standardizes, and Elevates client’s Operational Excellence Programs Rever helps elevate Continuous Improvement, Quality, Safety, Maintenance, and other programs by enabling anyone to participate, creating standardized routines and checklists, and giving you full visibility into engagement and results

  • Synchrono® Manufcturing Software

    Synchrono® Manufcturing Software

    Synchrono® is a leading provider of demand-driven manufacturing software and services that simplify complex manufacturing environments and transforms business results. The company’s planning, scheduling and execution and eKanban inventory replenishment software are powerful on their own, and when combined with its manufacturing intelligence and alert management systems under the Synchrono Demand- Driven Manufacturing Platform, clients synchronize their workforce, methods, machines, resources and more to enable flow from order inception through production and delivery