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Transformational Industries: Customized Lean Transformation Model for Breakthrough Results

Top 10 Lean Manufacturing Services Companies - 2022

While it’s important for lean consultants to stay on top of current trends in lean manufacturing, it is difficult to keep up with advances in technology and new opportunities.

Most applications of lean thinking begin with an assumption that there is a theoretical “perfect state” for each organizational process and that the current state deviates from the perfect state due to inefficiencies and waste. The strength-based approach to lean has a different focus. Instead of focusing on what is not working and inefficient, it teaches how to identify what is already working efficiently and generates value in existing processes and systems (this is called “strength focus”).

As Lean transformations are truly cultural transformations, executives are matching their Lean process investments dollar-for-dollar with cultural investments designed to create an enterprise-wide Lean language driving predictable customer service performance and global focus on waste elimination. It will not be an easy task considering the IoT revolution is almost upon us, and even the best experts are unable to predict the impact fully.

Sustainability and manufacturing have not traditionally gone hand-in-hand. However, that’s starting to change. Manufacturing is starting to focus more on sustainability by creating more efficient factories that have lower levels of pollution. Green jobs will also be a focus in the industry over the next several years, as will creating more energy-efficient operations.

Even without explicitly targeting environmental results, lean efforts can yield sufficient environmental benefits. However, because environmental wastes and pollution are not the main focal points, these achievements may not be considered in the normal scheme of lean.

Lean manufacturing will not fade away in this fourth industrial revolution, quite the opposite. IoT supports lean processes, and it enables a truly lean enterprise by delivering better metrics to drive increased efficiency and productivity, tighter integration with key clients and suppliers, better coordination among divisions, and both, increased manufacturing safety and reduced downtime.

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    Top Lean Manufacturing Services Companies

  • Transformational Industries leads companies through a total business transformation utilizing its 360 Business Transformation model. The model concentrates on strategy, execution, culture and structure, and best practices. Though the model was designed initially for the plastic industry, it can be applied to any company, any market, or any industry

  • iniTECH was founded on the idea that it’s better to be the best solutions provider in one market than an average solutions provider in many markets. The company’s greatest strength and competitive advantage is its understanding of the challenges and needs of manufacturing processes in the Flavor and Fragrance industry.

  • Regrello Group offers an automated workflow engine to enable manufacturing companies drive collaboration and standardize best practices across their supply chain and operations. Regrello Group’s platform has a customizable underlying no-code workflow engine that helps clients roll out standard processes to fit their business practices.

  • EMS Consulting Group

    EMS Consulting Group

    EMS Consulting Group is a management consulting firm designed to create value for manufacturers, service providers, and product developers. It adds value by developing the internal capabilities of our clients through Lean Coaching, Training, and Facilitation. Providing lean manufacturing and lean six sigma training, lean healthcare training, and lean transformation consulting services; they help clients achieve lower costs, improved productivity and quality, and decreased time-to-market

  • Geolean USA

    Geolean USA

    Geolean focuses on material handling because it is one of the most critical functions impacting production. A company’s ability to evaluate and continuously improve in this area will impact morale, safety, quality, cost, and delivery simultaneously

  • ITW


    ITW is a Fortune 200 global multi-industrial manufacturing leader with revenues totaling $14.5 billion in 2021. The company’s seven industry-leading segments leverage the unique ITW Business Model to drive solid growth with best-in-class margins and returns in markets where highly innovative, customer-focused solutions are required. ITW’s approximately 45,000 dedicated colleagues around the world thrive in the company’s decentralized and entrepreneurial culture

  • Lean Partners

    Lean Partners

    Lean Partners consistently builds and nurtures relationships with its clients to better understand their goals and internal culture. The product of these relationship-building events allows Lean Partners to implement lean and six sigma tools that are not only value for work outputs, but also for organizational culture. They offer a full suite of services, which separates us from the rest. Their experts specialize in executive coaching, leadership development, lean strategy, kaizen facilitation, six sigma project leadership, and employee training. Its approach to create solutions for our clients is what we take pride in. They understand your needs. Every organization has unique challenges and opportunities ,which usually make cookie-cutter solutions ineffective

  • MXGlobal


    MXGlobal is a service provider focused on the small business sector. Their Support Services division has a team focused on core administrative offerings which include accounting and payroll services. Its Recruitment Division has a focused team of individuals who understand market needs and ensure a deep understanding of client’s needs. The service spectrum that MXGlobal offers includes a very specialized Consulting Division. Their Consulting Division provides a broader scope of consulting, implementation and execution capabilities

  • O Consulting

    O Consulting

    O Consulting has an extensive expertise in implementing improvement with focus in regulated environments, especially Pharma and Medical Devices. Its CONSULTING projects, help in making success last and spread throughout the Client’s organization by building on methods, primarily from the Lean Six Sigma toolbox, and strengthening your team’s required capabilities

  • Setech


    SETECH delivers solutions to optimize total cost of ownership through process driven best practices supporting sourcing, inventory planning, storeroom management, and reliability centered technical services. Through 30 years of continuous improvement for our clients, SETECH has improved asset efficiency and reliability, increased revenue capacity, reduced capital requirements and increased shareholder value