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Tutelar Technologies Inc.: Go Beyond Lean to Unlock New Efficiency Levels

Edward Dickson, Founder and CEO, Tutelar Technologies Inc.Edward Dickson, Founder and CEO
Lean manufacturing promises reduced waste and increased productivity. On the flip side, lean is a human-centric process optimization technique; consequently, its success hinges on employees’ willingness and ability to adhere to the recommended behavioral principles. It goes without saying that it takes great management effort to follow up with employees to ensure they continue to embrace lean tools and techniques for maximum outcomes. This is where Tutelar Technologies Inc. proves its relevance with its product-directed manufacturing system, Ujigami. More than just following the path shown by lean for holistic improvement, Ujigami ensures improvements are sustainable and are next-generation by continuously reinforcing and managing real-time active technical controls implemented using lean concepts.

“The difference between lean and Ujigami is the same as the difference between printed maps and GPS,” says Edward Dickson, President of Tutelar. A map enables users to find the path to their destination, but GPS delivers so much more. GPS not only calculates the best route to the destination but also constantly monitors and automatically adjusts the route in case it senses obstruction ahead or a wrong turn is taken.

With built-in Industry 4.0 capabilities, Ujigami connects with every device and equipment on the plant floor and uses common tools such as process flow diagrams, control plans, and PFMEAs as inputs to create technical controls to streamline the processes and improve productivity at the lowest cost. As a comprehensive plant floor solution that integrates directly with ERP/MRP, Ujigami solves the unique challenges of every manufacturer through its easy customization and flexibility.

Ujigami turns the entire manufacturing process into a single, coordinated system. It has built-in intelligence to communicate requirements to machines, provide real-time instructions to operators, and ensure results exceed specification.

The difference between lean and Ujigami is the same as the difference between printed maps and GPS

Ujigami makes thousands of calculations per second to ensure accurate and smooth process execution. Automated reports keep decision-makers updated on the production status. The flexibility of the system allows users to quickly enter their specifications to manufacture products.

“Our system acts like a supervisor overseeing and controlling the entire manufacturing process around the clock,” says Dickson. As a centralized system, Ujigami sends parts to specific machines and calculates the correct way to manufacture each part while staying vigilant on product quality. Further, Ujigami helps manufacturers deploy the Process capability index (Cpk), a lean tool to measure the ability of a process to produce output to specification. It allows machines to run a wider sigma variation and match the corresponding parts within the spectrum of specifications to ensure the final output is precise.

In a case study, a manufacturer in Alabama faced quality concerns as many faulty products were delivered to customers. To implement a sustainable quality initiative and demonstrate total ownership to its customers, the manufacturer approached Tutelar seeking its plant floor system to eliminate defects by controlling machines and operators in the factory. Tutelar implemented Ujigami, which assumed control of the client’s factory systems and managed each part through manufacturing, ensuring every part is produced according to specific build requirements. “The client was impressed with our zero-defect manufacturing capability and unique methodology,” says Dickson.

Ujigami has become an instant hit in today’s era of the COVID-19 pandemic. As government regulations demand people to work from home, Ujigami empowers manufacturers to oversee and control their production lines remotely. Firms can review and update their manufacturing requirements without any direct human interaction. “Rather than just helping clients sustain their operations, our solution enables them to excel in this difficult time,” concludes Dickson.

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Edward Dickson, Founder and CEO

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