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EJ. Lydon, President  Shane Lydon, Lean Consultant, Prosit Business ConsultingEJ. Lydon, President Shane Lydon, Lean Consultant
Continuous improvement (CI) is vital for the long-term success of any business, but the road to CI has become difficult for today’s businesses, especially for manufacturers and service providers. Their commitment to CI has become razor-thin over the last decade. The time and resources they had invested previously have been consumed by the mounting pressure to deliver a better customer experience and battle the forces that threaten their existence. And whatever was left has been eaten away by COVID-19, which has opened a new battlefront for today’s businesses. Enter Prosit, a company on a mission to help manufacturers and service providers thrive in the market through CI.

“Prosit in Latin means may it be for your benefit; we live by this idea every day of our life,” says EJ. Lydon, President of Prosit. The agenda is to enable clients with lean manufacturing or lean enterprise, which are key elements of continuous improvement. Whether it is improved employee productivity, streamlined workflow, information flow, cost reduction, or any other goals, Prosit works as coaches and advocates for their improvement process by eliminating the friction while embracing change.

Amid the current chaotic environment, it is simply not enough to suggest change initiatives. “You need to help the decision-makers and their teams envision the benefits of change and get their buy-in to adopt change,” says EJ. “This is where we bring the difference.” More than textbook knowledge, Prosit brings seasoned experts with the right skills and vast experience to use the best-in-class tools and methodologies to rally clients’ teams around a unified vision and bring positive change across people, process, and technology.

Working closely with the clients, Prosit understands the challenges of the clients’ decision-makers and other employees.

Prosit in Latin means may it be for your benefit; we live by this idea every day of our life

Prosit uses tools such as value stream mapping to conduct gap analysis through which it defines where the client is at the moment and where they want to reach. Based on this analysis, the team builds a plan of action and explains the importance of new changes to the workforce so that they adopt them wholeheartedly and reach the desired state. Prosit can take care of the operational overhead of the documentation work during the change process so that the clients’ employees stay on track of the change—a new service initiative developed by Shane Lydon, son of EJ. The company uses continuous improvement strategies such as Kaizen and value stream mapping to better engage and involve all employees in the change process and set the foundation for long-term improvements. The Kaizen methodology helps secure the resources and create small groups to address every problem along the journey. The goal is to build the required competency in the clients’ employees that enables them to carry the ball in the future without Prosit’s help. Through training, coaching, and individual mentorship, Prosit aids clients in aligning the vision and mission of every individual in the team.

“As a matter of fact, if our efforts are not bearing fruits, we take the initiative of ending the relationship with the client,” says EJ, highlighting how Prosit emphasizes value and transparency. Notably, such an ‘all in’ mindset has brought great success to both the company and its clients.

Prosit has received a shot in the arm with Shane joining the team in 2017. Working directly with people on the shop floor and the back office in the client environment, he is adding value through organizational development and project management. Akin to the project manager in a company, Shane carries out hands-on coaching to address the ‘nitty gritties’ of the change projects that often obstruct people’s will to change.

As COVID-19 unleashed a whole new gamut of challenges that companies had to address immediately, Prosit is standing shoulder-to-shoulder with its clients through its online-driven services, focusing more on coaching and mentorship.

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