E.M.M.A. International Consulting Group, Inc.: Quality and Compliance Simplified

E.M.M.A. International Consulting Group, Inc.: Quality and Compliance Simplified

Carmine Jabri, President & CEO, E.M.M.A International Consulting Group, Inc.Carmine Jabri, President & CEO
E.M.M.A. International Consulting Group, Inc. (E.M.M.A. International) has been a leading provider of Quality, Regulatory, and Compliance Services for industries such as Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, and all other FDA regulated industries.

Founded by Carmine Jabri, President and CEO, and Kira Jabri, Vice President and COO, this duo has been driving their incredible passion for quality and compliance into all realms of the regulatory world where possibly applicable, to provide preventative and responsive services throughout. A standard of E.M.M.A. International Consulting Group, Inc. is to provide expert-level consultants who bring decades of industry experience and knowledge to the table, to best alleviate the burdens placed on clients’ companies by the stringent regulations in their respective industries. E.M.M.A. International’s diverse team of experts, includes physicians, former FDA officials, compliance specialists, and regulatory specialists, each holding unique sets of specialized knowledge and experience in his/her specific area.

E.M.M.A. International has many facets of specialization in their consultative repertoire including Remediation Support, Audits, Training, and Building and Designing Quality Management Systems (QMS) to name a few. One such service includes the potential to not only train a client organization’s staff in Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma principles, but also to be able to take the wheel and drive projects to make immediate improvements and ultimately save time and money.

Another tailored service the firm provides to their clients is The Outsourced Quality Assurance (OQA) Program®, designed to enable businesses to outsource all or part of their QA/RA Department functions, thus reducing overhead and expenses, helping them maintain or acquire certifications, including ISO certifications, and ensuring that they are on track to meet their organizational goals and objectives while staying in compliance.

We want to leave our clients in a better shape than when we got there

The OQA program was developed as a direct result of listening to client feedback about their business needs and wanting a solution that addresses their compliance needs.

“We want to leave our clients in a better shape than when we got there,” stated Kira Jabri.

Compared to their competitors in this business, E.M.M.A. International does not simply give you the “because I said so” approach to resolving quality issues. The company operates using evidence-based solutions and systemic fixes to avoid recurring quality, regulatory, and compliance non-conformities, informing and educating through every step of the way.

E.M.M.A. International considers every improvement as an opportunity for it to be “a teaching moment.” By holding this belief, E.M.M.A. International can ensure that the changes and improvements established on projects are long-lasting, meaningful, and firmly engrained in the culture of the company with whom they are working.

When asked about the factors leading to the inception of E.M.M.A. International, Carmine Jabri noted, “We saw that most consulting firms were starting to feel very ‘corporate.’” This observation sparked the initiative to form E.M.M.A. International and to provide companies, requiring QA/RA services, effective, precise and innovative solutions while maintaining that “non-contractor” sensibility about them and their motivated consultants.

Ever changing industries and regulations almost ensure that QA/ RA service providers will need to stay evolving and growing, and E.M.M.A. International has kept up by always looking to the future for the next step. Developing the OQA Program® and expanding locations across the nation with consultants in every region, domestically and internationally, are just a few ways E.M.M.A. International has maintained pace with the evolution in compliance and regulatory arenas. With hopes toward adding international locations for their ever-growing firm, you can rest assured that E.M.M.A. International will continue to lead as a quality, regulatory, and compliance service provider in the years to come.